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Cost Share Programs

As an adjunct of the local conservation district, the Watershed board has worked closely with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to promote the use of state and federal cost share programs to implement farming practices that protect water quality. Structural practices that have been funded include animal waste systems, waterways, and terraces. Incentive payments have been provided for management practices including nutrient and pest management and improved grazing practices. Other funding sources have allowed the project to implement a number of demonstration projects.

Recognizing their own interest in promoting voluntary farmer participation in the project, the city of Wichita has been able to "sweeten the pot" for watershed farmers. Traditional state and federal cost share programs reimburse farmers 50-70% of the county average cost for structural practices. Wichita offers an additional 30% of the average cost so that, in some cases, farmers are not incurring any out-of- pocket expenses.

A recent addition to the cost share opportunities being offered is the CRP Fencing Program in which Wichita has agreed to pay 50% of the cost to install up to 2 miles of perimeter fence on expired CRP contracts within the watershed. Because well-managed grass acts as a filter for runoff water, farmers with expired CRP acres are being encouraged to manage their land for haying or grazing instead of converting the acres back to annual crops.

State cost share programs through the State Conservation Commission include Water Resources Cost Share (WRCS) and Non-Point Source (NPS) programs. Federal funding includes the USDA Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). Other sources of cost share funds are available as well.

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