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Demonstration Projects

The Cheney Lake Watershed project develops demonstration projects each year to illustrate management practices that protect water quality. Citizen's Management Committee members and CLW staff recruit farmer participants and help them locate funds to complete the project.

Demonstration projects completed to date include alternative watering sources for livestock, conversion of grass that was planted under the Conservation Reserve Program to a pasture grazing system, filter strips to trap and digest livestock waste, and nutrient management planning for crops and livestock.

A solar pumping system and
fiberglass tank provide a
watering point away
from the Ninnescah River.
Cattle prefer fresh water in
a tank over ponds and streams.
This stretch of Goose Creek
used to be the watering
point for 200 cows with calves.
New watering point for
200-head calving pasture.
Alternate watering points
reduce the use of streams
and provide grazing flexibility.
Weed barrier fabric reduces
competition for new
windbreak plantings.
Winter feeding area moved
away from Goose Creek.
Winter feeding and calving
moved away from Goose Creek.
A newly planted windbreak
and calving shed will
replace shelter once afforded
by riparian timber.
A managed grazing
system keeps cattle
away from the stream
Fenced concrete walkway from
barn lot to pasture crosses
a grassed waterway.
Sediment fence was used to
slow water movement while
grass is established in waterway.
Concrete walkway allows cows
to travel from dairy barn lot to
grazing paddocks without
damaging grass waterway.
Concrete block settling basin
for lot runoff with grate to
allow water to flow to pit.
Concrete block drop structure
at end of waterway.
Concrete “cow walk” across
newly shaped waterway.
Concrete “cow walkway” will
allow cattle to move from
dairy lot to grazing without
damaging grass waterway.
Newly shaped waterway
prior to seeding.
Newly shaped waterway
prior to seeding.
Concrete block drop structure
at the end of a
newly shaped waterway.
Concrete blocks used to build
a settling basin for runoff
from the dairy lot.
Water collected in pit is pumped
across this grass filter area.
Alternate watering system
Alternate watering system

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