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CLW has developed a sophisticated computer model of the watershed coupling information regarding land use, topography, soils, and weather history with current water monitoring data. The result is a model capable of estimating expected soil and nutrient losses from an actual rainstorm as well as predicting losses for the coming year in specific parts of the watershed. This AnnAGNPS (Annualized Agricultural Non-Point Source) model helps the CLW board  direct their educational efforts and funding to the most effective practices and the most vulnerable parts of the watershed.

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Interface for AnnAGNPS utilizes completed layers of geospatial data and a database to populate the AnnAGNPS model input file requirements.

The CLW in cooperation with Kansas State University developed a process of using Landsat Infrared Imagery to determine not only landuse types, but also specific cropland types, rotations within cropland from year to year, and biomass amounts on cropland and rangeland. This data is used in the field operations portion of the GIS/AnnAGNPS interface.

The GIS/AnnAGNPS interface will do source accounting for soil movement and loads of nutrients and pesticides within subwatersheds. The CLW will have the ability to use the source accounting data to more accurately address the water quality issues within Cheney Lake and the watershed. Educational efforts and funding for voluntary adoption of improved management practices will be concentrated in the most vulnerable parts of the watershed.

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