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Student Monitoring

Volunteer monitoring programs within local schools complement the USGS study. With equipment supplied by the watershed project, the Fairfield High School chemistry class began monitoring chemical constituents at several sites in the watershed during the 1996-97 school year. The chemistry teacher continued this work the following year when he took a position with the Cosmosphere Academy, a science and technology-based charter school for Reno County students.

The CMC contracted with the same teacher to help other teachers develop similar programs. Since that time Elreka Grade School, the Nickerson High School Science Club and the Reno County Home School Association have participated in monitoring programs. The Reno County Education Cooperative organized countywide seminars for gifted students that included sessions collecting data at the river.

The importance of these educational efforts cannot be over-emphasized. The data collected is helpful in the overall picture but more importantly the students carry an understanding of the watershed project to other members of the community.

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